Welcome to my New Website!

Update 09.21.09 Monday

 Webs.Com doesn't work in China, so I'm just going to add links to my new free websites.  

Update 09.09.09 Wednesday 

I got a job in China teaching English !  I hope that if the Chinese Government finds something on my websites they don't like, they ask me to remove it before deporting me.  Unless they directly monitor my Internet use or I use specific names in my writing, I don't think they'll find what I write to get upset about it.  Not that I plan on writing stuff they'd disagree much with from here anyway.

 It's really great here.  I've been here a week and I'm getting down to learning Chinese.

 By the way, I graduated with my BA in Linguistics.

Created Wednesday 2.18.2009.

This is the website of an anonymous undergraduate senior in linguistics.  This is my free personal website.   I'm going to try to collect all the disparate free websites I've created.

 My hope is to eventually make available online (of no cost to myself) useful information on various exotic languages.

 Tell your friends.  And trust in Jesus! 

My websites:

Languages of the Bible World Cultural Hearth

Egyptian Hieroglyphic (Middle Egyptian)

Classical:Ethiopic:: Semitic::North:East:Africa::

Disney's Atlantean Language

 Star Wars Languages

 You can also buy super-inexpensive books by me:

My Lulu.Com Mechanical Bookstore

Yahoo groups I made and keep spam-free:

A Group for the Atlantean Language

A Group for Tolkein's Dwarvish Language

A Group for All of Okrand's Made-Up Languages

A Group for Classical Ethiopic